It’s All About The Weather… NOT


Not biased much? Just the northeast seems to get the news… Not surprised… No news about the deep snow middle Tennessee got yesterday! Snowed just about all day and not a peep from the so-called weather gurus. The grandkids had a great time building a snow fort and playing in the snow! After all, spring is not until March 20th! I know everyone in the north of the US would love to have spring bloom early but it is not in the cards! The “Old Farmer’s Almanac” says so!

They are now handling snow like it is a hurricane or something when snow this time of the year is predictable and not against the norm. And these so-called “weather gurus” blow up any weather pattern in order to push their “climate change” initiative! Oh, the drama!

( Yes, weather guys, the climate is changing! It has been changing since the beginning of time, so get used to it! And we know your numbers are skewed and most of the time you are wrong… So stick your head out the window and look! You could do just as good, or in our case, better! And per your report? Big emphasis on the word “COULD”!! )

Well, just in case my rantings prove otherwise, everyone in this winter storm’s path please stay safe and stock up for the hardship… HEY, I lived in Virgina and it snowed knee deep on Easter Sunday in April! Heck, I lived in Massachuttes in the 70’s and it snowed heavy on my birthday, in the middle of May! Beat that one, weather channel!…/winter-storm-stella-blizzard-noreaste…



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#1- I am a Trump Supporter and mover of info! Conservative? After what I have seen and heard from the #NeverTrumpers, I doubt I am now or ever will be again a conservative! My Curiosity level is 100% (per my husband and family) And I love doing research! I BLOCK Libtards, Snowflakes, Social Justice Warriors, Feminist, The MSM, Fake News, Political Correctness and the Easily Triggered!
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3 Responses to It’s All About The Weather… NOT

  1. churchmouse says:

    Great post! Why does everyone make such a big deal about weather? This started even before climate change, probably in the 1980s, once weather presenters on the news became less serious and more sensational.

    I especially enjoyed the ‘spring is just around the corner’ photo. 😆

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    • sunnydaysall says:

      Yes CM, the media is nuts when it comes to the weather! Now they are naming “winter Storms” like they do hurricanes and causing so much panic and anxiety! Back in the day we called them “a cold snap”! Many Blessings and thanks so much for stopping by, CM!

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      • churchmouse says:

        Thank you very much!

        May the Lord continue to bless you and your family.

        This winter storm naming thing is nuts. We have an overnight storm in the UK — normally, a gale with rain (no biggie for most people) — and the UK/Irish meteorologists have to give it a name five days in advance. (sigh)

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