Demand Grand Jury Investigations

David from the CTH says:

Demand Separate GRAND JURIES Investigations (Trump Supporters)
1. Clinton Foundation (The Crime of the Century)
2. Clinton Emails
3. Bill and Hillary Clinton Compensation for Speeches to Foreign Countries
4. Clinton Uranium sold to Russia
5. Podesta Russian Company
6. Obama Administration sedition/treason
7. Leaked Emails
8. Dr. Evelyn Farkas Espionage (Leaking classified Information)
9. Unmasked Names
10. Low Classification Level of classified Reports for Political Goals
11. Montgomery 47 Hard Drives showing Sedition/Treason within our Government
12. James Clapper Perjury (If convicted he will talk and take down many in the deep state)
13. Obama Administration Sedition and Treason
14. FBI (More power than the President of the United States and the Will of the People)
15. CIA (More power than the President of the United States and the Will of the People)
16. NSA (More power than the President of the United States and the Will of the People)
17. United States Judges who writes their own laws, does not follow the Rule of Law or the Constitution.
18. Sanctuary Cities—Officials acts may be Sedition/Treason against Citizens and the Constitution.                                                                                                                                                       19. Investigate DHS trying to Hack into several state’s Elections.


If all of these are not Investigated and Prosecuted the United States will “Cross the Line” and become a 3rd World Country. If not investigated Now by Grand Juries, the corruption will get much worse between now and 2020 election.



About sunnydaysall

#1- I am a Trump Supporter and mover of info! Conservative? After what I have seen and heard from the #NeverTrumpers, I doubt I am now or ever will be again a conservative! My Curiosity level is 100% (per my husband and family) And I love doing research! I BLOCK Libtards, Snowflakes, Social Justice Warriors, Feminist, The MSM, Fake News, Political Correctness and the Easily Triggered!
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4 Responses to Demand Grand Jury Investigations

  1. churchmouse says:

    Delighted to see you have a WordPress blog. Congratulations — and MAGA!

    Liked by 1 person

    • sunnydaysall says:

      I seem to have so much to say and not much space to say it, elsewhere! lol! And I am just trying it out right now!
      The main reason I am here is because I was asked to post the “1600 Daily Briefings” for the White House, so that truly got me started! The rest is just me spreading my wings, a bit! lol! I am enjoying it and thanks so much for the kind words of encouragement!

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      • churchmouse says:

        A White House request?! AWESOME!

        Can you tell us more?


      • sunnydaysall says:

        Sorry about the late reply! I just located this again and “Thank You” so much for reading my blogs! 🙂

        To answer your request, the White House has asked those who volunteered and worked Trump’s campaign to spread this info to all corners of the internet to keep the people informed! Facebook has already deleted my prominent account used during the election because of these posts, saying they were against their policies, bla, bla bla… So, I created another account using the tor software that makes it hard to pinpoint my IP address, and I borrowed my hubbies website address and created a WordPress blog site! What this does is allow me to blog the info here and share it on my new, “cutie” Facebook page and then share it with other groups! It keeps me out of their filter ( for awhile anyway) and if they delete me, I will create a new email address and return to doing what needs to be done! I call it “brains over brawn”…. Preferably the “headcheese” definition for “brawn” lol!

        I had worked closely with many in President Trump’s White House “people” in the past, but after the election, I scaled back because of the death threats!

        I promise you that the Trump family is just like you or I, only they are billionaires! lol! They love everyday people and do not discriminate! Ivanka, is such a wonderful person and I had the pleasure of volunteering for the Trump Magazine through the election and they are everything you see and more! Jr hunts here in Georgia and he is one of the guys! The family has not isolated themselves to just being wealthy! The Trump family “spreads the wealth” in the true definition of the phrase, and no matter what you hear from the left, not all rich people are evil! 🙂

        Many Blessings to you and yours and I hope you are having a wonderful weekend!!


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